mod_pgheader is an Apache 2.2 module that snips out body tags and inserts 
configurable per-directory headers/footers in their place.


Use Apache 2.2's apxs to compile and install mod_pgheader, e.g.

(replace the variable below with the location of your Apache2 installation)
$APACHE2/bin/apxs  -i -a -c  mod_pgheader.c



1) Make sure is in your modules directory and
the following line exists in your httpd.conf:

LoadModule pgheader_module    modules/

Normally apxs will have added this line and placed 
in the modules directory.

2) Enable use of mod_pgheader with this line in httpd.conf (it can
also appear in a <Directory> section):

   # Add headers and footers on each page
   AddOutputFilter PGHEADER .html .htm

To prevent recursion, header/footer files must then NOT have ".html" or ".htm"
as extension.

3) In a directory section, add pgheader directives, for example:

<Directory /home/apache2/htdocs>

AddBodyHead    /home/apache2/htdocs/_head_blank.mkp  /home/apache2/htdocs/some_dir/*
AddBodyFoot    /home/apache2/htdocs/_foot_blank.mkp  /home/apache2/htdocs/some_dir/*

AddBodyHead /home/apache2/htdocs/_head.mkp        /*
AddBodyFoot /home/apache2/htdocs/_foot.mkp        /*

The directives are matched longest path first. Once matched, no further matches
are sought. Thus a "default" head/foot should be placed at the end of a group of 
head/foot directives.

Header and footer files can have any extension (except the one to which they
are to be applied, generally ".htm"). If you wish header/footers to be expanded
for server-side includes, such as the current time or the last-modified time
of the file being served, you should also add one of these lines to httpd.conf:

 AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .mkp
 AddType text/html .mkp


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